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Stairlifts Livingston – West Lothian Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Livingston – Stairlifts West Lothian

Livingston in West Lothian is less than 17 miles west of Edinburgh and just over 33 east of Glasgow.  It’s no accident that Livingston – a new town – is at such close proximity to these two big cities.  It was originally built as an overspill town for Glasgow’s ever increasing population in the early 1960’s.  Prior to that all that was here was a collection of villages.

Livingston Village was at the centre but the new conurbation also included Bellsquarry and Livingston Station.  The development of the new town has brought several ‘districts’ including Craigshill, the first region of the new building, Howden, Ladywell, Deans etc.  Livingston was the fourth of five new towns to be built.  The others are East Kilbride, Glenrothes, Cumbernauld and Irvine.

Access all floors
The retired population of Livingston is just over 10,000 and a small percentage of this group – about 275 – own stairlifts.  As suppliers of stairlifts for about 15 years, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts know that there is nothing worse than losing your mobility and of course, your independence.  A stairlift means that you can retain it and make your journeys up and down the stairs at home not only easier but also safer.

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Shale Oil
Livingston Village is now close to the heart of the new town of Livingston.  Originally the village was at the centre of the shale oil industry in the area.  It was the first oil boom in the world in the 1840’s!  The oil was extracted from the shale, a mixture of mud and clay minerals including quartz and calzite.  The oil was produced by converting the shale by several processes to form a synthetic oil; its main uses were as a fuel and as lamp oil.

Whilst the production of this oil thrived during the 19th century, as liquid oil reserves were discovered around the world, its production was reduced.

All that remains of the original village are a few houses, two churches, a school and the bings – hills of the spoils of the shale mining.

Industry in Livingston now is mainly from technology including BSkyB, Motorola, NEC and pharmaceutical companies moving there.

Livingston FC
One thing Livingston can boast is a professional football team.  Livingston FC affectionately known as ‘Livi’, ‘the Black and Ambers’ and ‘The Lions’ were formed as late as 1995.  Currently there are three ‘local’ lads playing in their first team – Darren Jamieson, Callum Fordyce and Marc McNulty.  Another five are almost local, coming from Edinburgh – Andrew McNeil, Craig, Barr, Paul Watson, Jack Beaumont and Liam Fox.  They play at Almondvale Stadium.

Linlithgow Palace
Less than 10 miles north of Livingston is Linlithgow Palace, the royal Palace of the Stewarts.  Today it is in ruins but its original elegance was a stopping off point between Edinburgh and Stirling Castles for travelling royalty.
Source:Wikipedia Stefan2901

Today visitors can still see some of its original beauty in its carvings on the tiered ‘wedding cake’ fountain at the centre of the courtyard.  Also the carved angel musicians in the chapel and the Oriels or windows that project from what was once the royal bedchambers.  The Great Hall and its large fireplace are still mostly intact too.

Annet House, Linlithgow
Annet House houses a museum which has lots of information about Linlithgow’s connections with Scottish Royalty and the town’s history.  In the garden there is a statue of Mary, Queen of Scots who was born in Linlithgow Palace.

The museum tells of the many trades found in the town in the past, linen, leather-working, shoemaking and distilling.

A strange exhibit is the life story of Canadian actor James Doohan.  He played Scotty in the Startrek adventures; his character will be born in the town in 2222!

House of Binns
Nearby you’ll find the House of Binns, the family home of one of the oldest Scottish families, the Dalyells.  They have lived here for almost 400 years.  The house itself has many treasures amongst its furniture and decoration.  If your take a woodland walk in the grounds, you come to an amazing panoramic view of the Firth of Forth.

The town of Bathgate just 7 or so miles north west of Livingston is home to the Bennie Museum.  The museum tells the story of the town right back to the 12th century including the Stewart Dynasty, the first man knighted for services to medicine, Sir James Young Simpson and James Young who found Shale oil in the mid 19th century.  He became known as James ‘Paraffin’ Young.

Did you know?
Robert Taylor working for Livingston Development Council claimed to have seen a UFO in a forest clearing.  He became unconscious as two small ‘spheres’ tried to lift and move him.  When he woke up he couldn’t speak and the UFO was gone.  The incident was reported to the police but the nature of the ‘attack’ was never solved.

Famous people from the area
Livingston must have the right air to breed footballers.  As well as those mentioned above, it is the birthplace of Paul Dickov, player manager at Oldham Athletic and Gary Wales (Raith Rovers).  Also Scot Arfield (Huddersfield Town), Danny Wilson (Liverpool), retired player and manager Jimmy Scoular.  Tommy Walker who was the most successful hearts Manager and David Robertson (St Johnstone).  Also Mark Burchill who grew up in Livingston.


·         David Tennant who played the 10th Dr Who was born in nearby Bathgate

·         Actor, author, stuntman, journalist Ian Colquhoun was born in Livingston.  He lost both legs in an arson attack in Ireland in 2002.  He wears prosthetic legs and often lectures to physiotherapy students about his condition in a voluntary capacity

·         Robin Cook was MP for Livingston until his death in 2005

·         Robert II of Scotland was the first King in the Stewart line whose home was in Linlithgow Palace; he was the son of Walter Stewart and Mary Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce

·         Mary Queen of Scots was born at Linlithgow; Mary’s son James VI also became James I of England

You might not be famous but we’re sure you’d like to be assured of your safety when climbing the stairs.  We can assess you and your staircase for the most suitable kind of stairlift.  We even offer reconditioned ones.  Once the most suitable lift is identified, we can have it installed in your home in less than half a day.  We also offer 24/7 after sales care too so that you are never left stranded!

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