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Stairlifts Stranraer – Stairlifts Dumfries & Galloway

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Stairlifts Stranraer

Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway is the county’s second largest town and sits on the shores of Loch Ryan on a narrow strip of land which joins the Rhins of Galloway – a hammer-head shaped peninsula  - to the mainland in the south west of the county and of Scotland.  At the southern most tip of this peninsula is the Mull of Galloway.

People from Stranraer are known as Stranraerarians – a bit of a mouthful!

This small town has a retired population of around 2,000 – 2,500 of whom about 60 own stairlifts.  Here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we’ve been supplying this southern tip of Scotland with this helpful mode of indoor transport for almost 15 years.

We have a wide range from all UK manufacturers and something to suit everyone and every type of staircase.  We will happily come to your home and advise you which one is best for you: straight, curved or platform; we even have bariatric lifts which will accommodate weights of up to 31 stone.

If you are thinking about getting a stairlift or think one will greatly help your mobility and independence, keep on reading.  Alternatively please give our local office a call on  0141 278 3929.

Link to Northern Ireland
Stranraer was known as the ferry port from Scotland to Northern Ireland, latterly to Belfast and earlier to Larne.  At the end of last year, Cairnyan on the opposite shore of Loch Ryan, took over this service.

Back in the 16th century, a military road connected Dumfries to Stranraer for easy access to Portpatrick on the straight ‘head’ of the ‘hammer’.  Portpatrick had many passenger ferries to Ireland and during the 18th/19th century acquired the nick name of Ireland’s Gretna Green.  It was popular for Irish couples to catch the daily ferry at Donaghadee over to Portpatrick to be married by a minister in the Church of Scotland!

Stranraer didn’t become a harbour until the 18th century.  It developed port status in the middle of the following century when it became the area’s most important port with the arrival of the railway.  Stranraer was the main ferry port for Ireland for 150 years.

During World War II, Stranraer was the centre for anti U-boat focus and defence.  Flying Boats operated out of the area as a means of defending the North Channel.  This made it safe for Britain’s commercial shipping most of which used the Channel on its way to the Clyde or the Mersey.

It was from Stranraer that Winston Churchill departed for the USA in a flying boat in June 1942.

A medieval tower house known as Stranraer Castle or the Castle of St John can be found in the centre of Stranraer.  It was built in 1500 and has been a home, a court, a prison, a military garrison and is now a museum.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

What is Stranraer known for?
Well it has a semi-professional football club, Stranraer FC which plays in the Scottish Third Division.  And also for a number of football players including Allan Jenkins born in the town and who played for Stranraer FC for part of his career; Keith Knox also born here, played for the local team and now manages them; another home-grown footballer is Kevin Kyle who started his professional career with Sunderland and now plays for Hearts of Midlothian and Scotland.  It was also home of Colin Calderwood professional player and manager.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Stranraer is also known for its strong cheese.  The Caledonian cheese Company is based in the town.

Source:Caledonian Cheese (Billy McCrorie) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Other famous people from Stranraer include:
·         Sir John Ross the 18th century Arctic explorer

·         Landscape gardener John Claudius Loudon

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Bridge builder Alexander McGaw probably most famous for building the base for the Statue of Liberty

Nearby landmarks of interest
Stranraer Museum was once the town hall; it was built in the 18th century and today holds exhibits about the polar explorers St John Ross and his nephew James Clark Ross.

Or you could follow the Loch Ryan coastal path which eventually meets up with the Ayrshire Coastal Path.  Loch Ryan’s coastline is particularly interesting as this is a sea loch.

The Mull of Galloway is the southern most tip of Scotland with a lighthouse which also claims that status.  It was built by Glaswegian engineer Robert Stevenson in the 19th century and is now automated.  An outbuilding has been converted into a visitor centre.  The Mull which means a rounded hill is now a nature reserve ensuring that the local flora and fauna are protected.

Nearby you’ll find the Logan Botanic Gardens with plants that would not normally survive outdoors in Scotland flourishing due to the mild climate from the North Atlantic Drift.  The gardens include a woodland garden, a walled garden and a terrace garden.  One of its real attractions is an avenue of Chusan Palms or tree ferns – Dicksonia antarctica.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

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