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Stairlifts Hawick – Stairlifts Scottish Borders

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Give us a call today on 0131 242 0046  If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Hawick

Best known for its rugby team and the production of fine knitwear, there has been a place called Hawick in the Scottish Borders since the year 600.  Its name is thought to be derived from the Anglo Saxon meaning a Hawthorn hedge around a settlement.  By 1100 a Norman family called Lovel started to build a motte and bailey castle starting with the motte to which they later added the bailey.

Reaching the top of your castle
You don’t need to be living in a motte and bailey for Castle Comfort Stairlifts to help you get to the top!  We can help you navigate the stairs in more modest abodes.  We’ve been working in the area for nearly 15 years and already estimate that around 75 people have been helped by installing a stairlift in their own ‘castle’.  Take a look at our site to see our scrolling counter which records every time a stairlift is installed.

If you think this would help you, take a look around our site at the stairlifts we can supply and install.  We have a range from all UK manufacturers which include straight, curved and platform stairlifts.  We even supply bariatric stairlifts which will take weights of up to 31 stone.  Please call our local office for more information on  0131 242 0046 .

More about Hawick’s history
Following the Lovel’s Castle build, nearby St Mary’s Church was dedicated in the 13th century.  The tiny village didn’t really begin to grow until after a neighbouring dignitary who was influential in the area issued a charter declaring that Hawick could hold markets.

Prior to the 18th century the village had 4 gates or ports by which to enter which are still marked by plaques and show how small the village was.  From the 18th century Hawick began to grow with the introduction of the hosiery and knitwear trade.  The now internationally famous Pringles was founded at the beginning of the 19th century and with the arrival of the railway Hawick really began to expand.  In fact by the end of the 19th century Hawick had a larger population than it has now!

Hawick Cashmere
Hawick is still known for its knitwear production being famous for some of the finest cashmere there is.  Pringles of Scotland still manufactures from Hawick.  Its luxury knitwear is worn by many of the rich and famous like Madonna, David Beckham, Nicole Kidman and Claudia Schiffer.  Pringles have outlets in London, New York, Milan, Taiwan and Japan.

Lyle and Scott also originate from Hawick; the brand is now famous for its golfing sweaters which have been worn by some top golfing names as well as other celebrities.

Historic buildings
Not much remains of the old castle but St Mary’s Church is still standing and Hawick boasts an amazing Scottish Baronial style town hall.  Here the street is now so narrow you can almost reach from one side to the other and touch both North and South Port plaques.  Tower Mill is now the home of tourist Information but the mill water wheel is still preserved and can be seen turning through a glass floor inside the tower.

A little outside the town at Wilton Park Lodge you’ll find Hawick Museum which shows off Hawick’s history.  Being the home town of several motor cycle racers, it also houses the ‘Hizzy display’ in memory of Steve Hislop who was born in the town.  Hislop was the Isle of Man TT champion eleven times.  He died prematurely at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash.

Common Riding
Every June several hundred ‘riders’ on horseback gather and ride through and around the boundaries of the town.  This is to commemorate fighting off English troops who came to raid the town in 1514 when all of the men of the village had been killed off in the previous year’s Battle of Flodden.  The young boys of the village fought the invading troops off even taking their flag.

Hawick Rugby FC
Hawick Rugby FC is semi-professional and plays in the Borders League.  They are famous the world-over and are proud to have produced 58 players who have also played for Scotland.  The club has also won the Scottish Championship 12 times.

Famous players include retired Jim Fenwick & Colin Deans who both earned 52 Scotland caps during their careers, Cameron Murray and up and coming Stuart Hogg.

Other famous people from Hawick
·         Yachtsman Sir Chay Blyth who comes from Hawick was the first person to sail westwards around the world

·         Home too of Stuart Easton, motor cycle racer
·         Another local motor cycle champion was Jimmie Guthrie; Guthrie won 6 Isle of Man TT Championships.  He died aged 40 whilst competing in the German Grand Prix in 1937
·         It was Bill McClaren, Rugby Union commentator’s home town too; he was known as the ‘Voice of Rugby’

·         Artist Anne Redpath, daughter of a tweed designer, grew up in Hawick

·         Three composer came from Hawick: Francis George Scott, Brian Bonsor and Sir John Blackwood McEwen

If you call Hawick home too and are looking to regain your independence, look no further.  Castle Comfort Stairlifts will be happy to help.

We can assess which stairlift would be best for you and supply and install it for you.  Our after sales service is second to none and we are contactable 24/7.  If the cost of a stairlift concerns you, we can offer reconditioned ones or point you in the direction of grants or 0% finance deals.  There’s also our £50 voucher – see top of page – which as a true Scot you’ll be relieved to know can be used towards the cost of a stairlift.

If you are still unsure or have any questions please give our local office a call on  0131 242 0046 .

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