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Stairlifts Colchester - Historic Colchester

Castle Comfort Stairlifts would like to welcome you to Colchester in Essex, it's the next stop on our tour.

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Let's take a look at the historic town of Colchester – it's been around since before Roman Times! It was the first Roman settlement here in Britain and was the Roman capital. An old Celtic town known as Camulodunon, this community is 'as old as the hills'! You can understand why Colchester claims to be Britain's oldest town. An ancient Roman Chariot Racecourse was uncovered beneath the Garrison in
Colchester confirming its Roman heritage. Boudicca Queen of the British Iceni tribe famously attacked Colchester too and it was one of the three cities she 'hit' - when it was a Roman stronghold.
Now it has a rapidly rising population –everyone wants to live in Colchester! In the 2001 census the figures for the number of residents was almost 104,500; if as suggested this figure is rising, it will be very interesting to see the totals from this year's census when they are finally published.

Notably Colchester which is just 60 miles north east of London and 30 east of Stansted Airport, has a castle and a football team the very juxtaposition of these two encapsulates the historic and the modern!
In fact Colchester Castle was built in Norman times and is now a Grade I listed building – one of 14,000 listed buildings in the county of Essex. Its Keep is half as big again as the White Tower at the Tower
of London and it is the largest remaining Keep in Europe. The castle is built on the foundations of the earlier Roman Temple of Claudius.

If you feel you deserve Grade I listing and in need of some mobile help, then let Castle Comfort Stairlifts lend a hand. We've got a good pedigree and will make sure you get the help you need to choose the stairlift that is best for you. Come on call us to see what help you can get – the number is 01376 396015.

Queen Boudicca

A Garrison town

Colchester has followed another tradition since Roman times, having a military presence in the town. The 16th Air Assault Brigade is currently making Colchester Garrison their home! It also houses the Army's only corrective training centre known locally as 'The Glasshouse' by the army and civilians alike. All three services,
Army, RAF and Navy detainees are held here.

Colchester United FC
The original football club was Colchester Town a non-professional team. Following their continuing bad performance, a new team, Colchester United was born in 1937; their biggest rival is their neighbour Southend United.

Famous Colchester Faces

Apart from Boudicca and her connections with Colchester there are a number of famous people who were either born or lived here or had some connection. Let's take a look at a few:
Old King Cole of the famous nursery rhyme is rumoured to be based on King Coel of Colchester, father to Saint Helena and grandfather of Constantine the Great!
Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon of Blur both grew up in Colchester, Dave Rowntree of the same band was born here. Blur has had a chequered career with big highs, breakups and get back togethers. Last year
they won the award for best live event at the NME Awards.
German actor Klaus Kinski was in a WWII POW camp in Colchester. After this he appeared in many films mostly foreign language ones but also in Dr Zhivago, A Few Dollars More, two versions of Nosferatu, The
Little Drummer Girl and The Secret Diaries of Sigmund Freud.

Margaret Thatcher lived and worked here as a research scientist after she graduated and before her days as an MP.
Whilst another powerful woman, Mary Whitehouse described as a morality campaigner died in Colchester at the age of 87 in 2000.
English cricketer and fast bowler Graham Napier was born here and plays for Essex County Cricket Club.

Old King Cole

Blur (Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon 1st & 2nd on the left, Rowntree on the right)

Klaus Kinski

Baroness Thatcher

Cricketer Graham Napier

OK the tour is over but if you still have unfinished business in Essex
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  1. I went to Colchester last year with my nifty sixties group on a coach, then we went to Clacton for an afternoon by the sea. Nice part of the country.

  2. Indeed - smashing and tranquil part of the country. We have installed lots of stairlifts in Colchester and Clacton as there is a high proportion of retired folk, especially in Clacton on Sea.
    Essex is perhaps the home county with the slowest pace of life in comparison with Kent, Sussex, Middlesex and Herfordshire. All our staff realy like working there! In fact none of our stairlift engineers actually complain wherever they go - though the centre of London
    is a bit tasking.

  3. Is there a cathedral aswell as a castle in Colchester? How many steps up that and what kind of stairlift would reach the top?

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  5. Colchester is the oldest city in Great Britain??? That sounds very interesting and with a lot of history there to study .... Great blog and very good work done by Castle Comfort Centre .... It keeps us informed and above all things about the benefit of stairlifts for so many people in Essex.


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