Friday 21 October 2011

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Waterlooville

Is it true Waterlooville was named after a pub??!!

Live in the Waterlooville area and fancy a pint but not finding it as easy to get to the pub these days? Here at Castle Comfort Stairlifts we understand how frustrating  it can be – you only have to watch our founder Keith's video to realise we understand.
If you are in need of mobility help, particularly at home, then please call your local Castle Comfort Starlifts
office on 023 9239 5095 for free advice and now 0% finance will enable you to get a lift from just £25 a week.

Ok now for that trip out. Continuing around the South Hampshire conurbation we come to *Waterlooville* which is thought to have claimed its name from a local pub! The public house originally called Waitland
End became the *Heroes of Waterloo* after tired soldiers returning from the battle by that name disembarked at Portsmouth and called into the pub to celebrate their victory. The pub was renamed in their honour and legend suggests many of the soldiers settled in the area hence the name Waterlooville!

Battle of Waterloo

Apparently Waterlooville and its sister town Cowplain did not exist before 1815. Beforehand it was the Forest of Bere of which only a tiny part still exists, The Queen's Inclosure at Waterlooville. The forest
originally stretched from the Sussex border to Winchester and *Waterlooville* sits about 8 miles north of Portsmouth and is part of the built up area that runs through that southern edge of Hampshire. Nearby villages/built up areas include *Purbrook *where there is a Fort also named Purbrook; it is no longer
used for defence but as an activity centre. * Bedhampton* mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
*Cowplain* where actor Mark Wingett, grew up and later played Jim Carver in the Bill.

*Clanfield* with its historic thatched well (pictured)

 *Catherington* home of the gallant Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock (1862-1914) pictured below

*Hambledon* home to one of the oldest cricket clubs and known as the 'Cradle of Cricket.'
*Horndean* is well known as the home of Gales Brewery which was bought by Fullers in 2005. The meaning of the name Horndean has several  possibilities: 'Valley of the horn shaped hill' – thought to be Horndean
Down; Dean may come from an old English word Denu meaning valley or it could mean forest! Alternatively Horn could come from Harne which meant Dormouse in old English! Or a much simpler meaning: when the Queen used to visit Portsmouth she would often stay in Horndean and a horn would be blown to herald her arrival ...

Is your arrival heralded with a noise to match this horn? Or do you arrive more like a dormouse? What is for sure is that your comfort and mobility is important; if that is in question, please contact Castle Comfort Stairlifts and we can almost certainly help! Ring us on 023 9239 5095 to discuss what help is
available in terms of equipment, grants or even 0% finance.

*Waterlooville's claims to fame*

*Michael Giles* the drummer with King Crimson was born in Waterlooville.

*Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling* OBE, PhD, MSc, CEng (1909–1990) an aeronautical engineer responsible for correcting a serious defect in the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine during the Second World War. She was also a
well-known racing motorcyclist.

*Simon Whitlock*, nicknamed the Wizard is a champion dartrs player and originally from Australia but lives in Waterlooville now.

Waterlooville comes under the Borough of Havant which records a total population for the area of over 63,000, Waterlooville itself comes in at about 40,000 of which 40% of the population is over 55!
If you are one of the ageing population of the area in Southern Hampshire or have a loved one who is and may need help with mobility particularly around the house, then please give Castle Comfort Stairlifts a call on 023 9239 5095.

We are the UK agents for all makes of stairlift and can advise you on the best for you. Don't forget to use the £50 voucher listed at the top of this page to save even more!

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