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Stairlifts Gosport - Hampshire Landlubbers Welcome

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Stairlifts Gosport

A short tour of Gosport

There are about 80,000 residents in the south Hampshire coastal town of Gosport in Hampshire.  We hope you will all enjoy reading about the area now that you've found Castle Comfort Stairlift's page with all the information you need about sourcing a stairlift for yourself or a loved one.

Just watch our video and contact us to see how we can help.  You can read all about us here.

Now let's start our short tour of Gosport.  On a peninsula west of Portsmouth sits Gosport on a 24 mile stretch of coastal waters; no surprise then that the fastest way to get to nearby Portsmouth is over the water via a pedestrian ferry!

Sitting on the edge of Portsmouth Harbour it's only natural that Gosport's connections have been heavily influenced by this location and the sea.  Gosport is – or has been – protected by five forts and has been a naval base for hundreds of years.  As the decline in naval activities has occurred in the last quarter of a century, so some of the monuments like Fort Brockhurst (now English Heritage owned) have been opened to the public.

The other four forts surrounding Gosport are Fort Gilkicker (owned by Hampshire County Council and not open to the public) which was commissioned by Lord Palmerston along with Fort Brockhurst in the second half of the 19th century as part of Britain's defence system; Fort Blockhouse is much older – commissioned by Henry VI – is still in military use today; Fort Rowner situated inside HMS Sultan naval base which is open only once a year for Heritage Open Week and Fort Monckton.

Fort Brockhurst

Looking east, Gosport can wave across the harbour to Portsmouth, Portsea Island and seaside town Southsea where you'll find Southsea Castle built by our old Tudor friend, Henry VIII – more of him later - or to Ryde on the Isle of Wight looking south which is where Film director Anthony Minghella was born;
                                                                       Anthony Minghella

The wave to another seaside town, Lee-on-Solent to the west is over land to the other side of the peninsula on which Gosport sits.  Fareham is another naval town and lies to the north.

Back to Henry VIII.  Oh citizens of Gosport and other parts of south Hampshire, we owe a lot to this Tudor monarch.  He invented the stairlift or at least a very crude version of a stairlift which enabled his servants to 'block and tackle' him to where he needed to be.

Thankfully things have moved on and now, your stairlift journey can be much smoother and slicker.  Want to know more?  Please give Castle Comfort Stairlifts a call on 023 9239 5095.

Naval history
Portsmouth area is the site of the oldest dry dock in the world.  The first was built by Henry VII and it was from Gosport  that the fleet set off to defeat the Spanish Armada in the 16th century.  Nelson also left Gosport for his final voyage on HMS Victory to the Battle of Trafalgar and his death.

There are still several land-based dry docks in the area three of them in Portsmouth itself, HMS Nelson, Excellent and Temeraire, HMS Sultan in Gosport and HMS Collingwood in Fareham.

Many of the bases have been decommissioned over the last twenty years or so including HMS Dryad which is now the Defence Police College; HMS Venzon is now retail park Gunwharf Quays; HMS Daedalus is now the Fleet Air Arm base; RMB Eastney is the Royal Marines Museum and Fotton Barracks is now St Vincents College with no connection to the armed forces.

Keeping up the seafaring tradition, Gosport is home to three marinas and round the world sailing champions Dee Caffari, Alex Thomson and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's Clipper Ventures.

                                                              Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Who do you know from Gosport?
Keith Allen – comedian father of Lily was brought up in Gosport – his father was a Royal Naval Submariner serving at Portsmouth; Roger Black, Olympic and World Champion British Athlete now retired and Mike Hugg co founder of 60's band Manfred Mann were both born and brought up here; another musician Joe Jackson, born in Staffordshire – home of Castle Comfort Stairlifts - spent part of his childhood in Gosport; retail guru Sir Stuart Rose was born here.

      Keith Allen


                                                                      Roger Black

 Joe Jackson

If you no longer have your sea-legs but would still like to be able to get about at home, please give Castle Comfort Stairlifts local office a call on local number 023 9239 5095.  Let us assess what you need and advise which chair is right for you.  We are agents for all UK stairlift manufacturers and well qualified to advise.

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