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Stairlifts Falmouth - Falmouth in the South of Cornwall

Heading further south still in the county of Cornwall, we come to Falmouth just 25 miles from our last destination of St Austell.  It is the third deepest natural harbour combined with Carrick Roads in the world so you won't be surprised to learn that it is also famous as the start or finish port for round the world voyages including those of Sir Francis Chichester and Dame Ellen MacArthur.

But we're jumping the gun – i.e. starting the race before the starting gun goes off!  Castle Comfort Stairlifts brings you a short tour guide of Falmouth so that you know your way around this Cornish town and harbour.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts like to make getting around especially in your own homes as easy and painless as possible especially for those less mobile than they once were whether through injury or deterioration.  We can advise you on any kind of stairlift, just call our local office on 01395 349198.

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After this short but important interruption of the tour let's get back to Falmouth whose name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Abefal meaning 'mouth of the River Fal'.  Tudor King Henry VIII built Pendennis Castle(pictured top) and St Mawes Castle (pictured here) to defend Carrick Road from invasions by the French and Spanish.

A few hundred years later HMS Beagle docked here after its five year round the world survey voyage with Charles Darwin on board and after which he wrote and published Origin of the Species.

Now Falmouth Harbour still has a commercial operation and is also home to the Falmouth Lifeboat Station and the National Cornish Maritime Museum which has a number of famous boats on show.

Fictional life and characters of Falmouth

Falmouth seems to be a popular place for fiction and fictional characters.  Here are just a few you may know: Arthur Ransome's Walkers John, Susan, Titty and Roger from Swallows and Amazons lived in Falmouth where they learned to sail.

The Falmouth Falcons are one of 13 Quidditch teams in the fictional world of Harry Potter.

It was also the 'birthplace' of Wind in the Willows characters, Toad, Mole and Rat (Kenneth Grahame)

Real characters with Falmouth connections

The Fox family of Falmouth – an influential local family many of whom were Quakers set up the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in the 19th Century.  They also had considerable business interests in the area in shipbroking, pilchard fishing, iron founding, metal mining, coal mining, the timber trade and Consul Ships.

Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Building

W J Burley the author of the Wycliffe books
was born here; Polish born author Joseph Conrad wrote a short story, Youth whilst staying in Falmouth; novelist Howard Spring lived here after the Second World War; script writer Miles Tredinnick spent time here; author and historian Craig Weatherhill grew up in Falmouth; Sam Toy also grew up here later becoming chair of Ford Motor Company UK in the 1980's; TV presenter Hugh Scully lives in the area; Paul Martin, Flog it! TV Presenter studied at Falmouth College.

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  1. So Castle Comfort Stairlifts - Falmouth is the third deepest natural harbour in the world !
    Please tell us which are the first and second ?

  2. To answer totally, listed below are the five deepest natural harbours in the world - We have service for stairlifts in three of them, Cork, Cornwall & Dorset - the Brazil and Canadian ones we are working on. But meanwhile we know well a couple of affiliate stairlift firms in South America and Canada which can provide info if needed. Just ask.

    Rio de Janeiro -Brazil
    Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
    Falmouth - Cornwall, United Kingdom
    Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
    Cork, Republic of Ireland
    (Daragh.. how deep??)

  3. Daragh Nolan - Able Healthcare Cork21 November 2011 at 12:46

    Well you have me there, I have no idea how deep it is in Cork but it caters for all types of shipping from ferries to commercial liners and boats delivering stairlifts to Ireland. I always thought it was 3rd after Sydney and Rotterdam, shows what I know!


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